Sunday, April 29, 2012

1 Year Anniversary- June Colors & Themes

We have been up and going for 1 Year !! 
So I would like for every to please make something for this train!! 
. And info June Train theme is Party Celebration so please everyone make a tagger kit,cu items what ever you like! With the colors provided! *Here are the guidelines and rules: *All previews must be JPEG. And please send and post your preview to me no later than .May 26th. *Blog Train leaves on June 1st * *PLEASE FILL OUT DATABASE SO I KNOW WHO IS DOING THE MONTHLY TRAIN.THANKS *I will send out the blog train line up to you by May. 29th. So you can be ready to post on the 1st. *I will also make a preview you can use or you don't have too. *And please don't take others work and claim them as yours!!! This months colors are Below!!! Now lets have some fun!!! And have a fun Celebration Also lets try to get new members.... Thanks for everything you have done to make this a great year...


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